Lacrosse on the Rise Internationally



Lacrosse has recently been named one of the fastest growing sports in the world, along with recently also being granted the reputation of being the fastest sport on two feet. What most people don’t know is how old this game actually is. Lacrosse dates back to the early 1600’s with deep cultural meaning to Native American Tribes arriving in America. With such a long history it’s nearly impossible for one to construct the true history of the game. So we see the foreseeable start of this history in the mid 1900’s.

Fast-forwarding to the modern day game of Lacrosse the sky is the limit, it is known that some of the most competitive lacrosse has been played on the east coast of the U.S. or in box lacrosse leagues in Canada. We saw this with both the two countries face off in the 2014 FIL World Lacrosse Championships with Team Canada taking the prize by a score of 8-5. 

Some people may not know the tremendous growth we have seen in the European Lacrosse Federation. The European Lacrosse Championships started in 1995 with 6 participating nations which took place in Czech Republic. The most recent European Championships were held in August 2012 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. It was another record breaking championship with 17 men's teams and 12 women's teams participating. With 29 teams in total at an international tournament, the European Championships 2012 turned out to be one of the largest international lacrosse tournaments in history. The European Lacrosse Federation now has 29 member countries and the newest countries added being Estonia, and Russia.

North America may be one of the top dogs in the world of lacrosse as of right now, but in the future we can expect Europe to be making large strides.



-Marc Roy