Cuba readies to welcome US travelers as political tensions ease.

Political tensions between the United States and Cuba are beginning to thaw which has opened up some very exciting travel opportunities to the island. Cuba is located just 90 miles from Florida, yet it’s a step back in time. It’s a country that has been un-touched by Americanism for over 50 years. Experience the wonders of this beautiful island; considered one of the top tropical destinations in the world. The island is bustling with over 11 million citizens and thrives with its culturally rich Spanish roots. At a time where everything is becoming commercialized, Cuba offers an escape from the mundane and overdone and allows you to experience the Caribbean in an entirely new way. 

ProActive travel is offering the opportunity of a life time, to travel to this paradise and engage in cultural as well as athletic activities. Cuba excels at a wide range of sports and therefore is an excellent destination for teams.  Baseball is by far the most popular game Cubans play; but soccer, basketball, volleyball are also widely played on the island. The Cuban teams are eager to host as the doors just begin to open to American travelers for the very first time.

The time is now to be one of the first to take advantage of this amazing opportunity to travel to a paradise, experience an amazing culture and play the sport you love. 

Some notable athletes from Cuba include: Yasiel Puig, Yoenis Cespedes, and Osvaldo Alonso.