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Discover the countless riches of Africa

With its stable environment and long-established democracy, Senegal is one of the most visited destinations in West Africa, the country attracts nearly a million foreign arrivals each year. The country's 350 miles of coastline along the Atlantic Ocean traditionally has been one of its major draws. The capital, Dakar, is a dizzying, street-hustler rich introduction to the country.

The popularity of basketball in Senegal has only increased since the emergence of national men's team. Over the years, the national team has included several players who have competed in NBA, including former Charlotte Bobcats center DeSagana Diop and current Minnesota Timberwolves center Gorgui Dieng.

A lot of potential Senegalese basketball players develop in high school and college in United States.


Principal cities of interest include the capital, Dakar; Saint-Louis, an old colonial town, Gorée Island, formerly a center of the West African slave trade and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which draws many visitors. Some of the best and most popular beaches near Dakar are the ones on the Île N’Gor and Toubab Dialao, a site famous for its stunning red cliffs. Beaches farther south of Dakar are generally larger and less crowded, including the Petite Côte spanning over 94 miles (151 kilometers.)


More than just sport, you can enrich your experience by engaging in charitable volunteer activities in order to promote positive change in the areas of basic sustenance, health, education and the environment in Senegal.

This is the ideal opportunity to be in touch with the population and share some unforgettable experience

Notable Senegalese Players: 

  • Gorgui Dieng: College: University of Louisville NBA: Minnesota Timberwolves
  • DeSagana Diop: High School: Oak Hill Academy NBA: Cleveland Cavaliers; Dallas Mavericks; News Jersey Nets; Charlotte Bobcats
  • Hamady Barro N'Diaye:  College: Rutgers University NBA: Wizards de Washington
  • Makhtar Vincent N'Diaye: College: University of North Carolina NBA:Vancouver Grizzlies; Orlando Magic
  • Mamadou N'Diaye: College: Auburn University; NBA:Toronto raptors; Dallas Mavericks; Atlanta Hawks
  • Boniface N'Dong: NBA: Los Angeles Clippers


Friendly game opponents:

- school Academy in Dakar and Thies

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The Capital Dakar  


AM: Visit Open-air markets where they sell art, food, jewelry and many other items (prices can often be bargained down to very reasonable levels in Dakar). Walk through the central Place de l'Indépendance, See the museums, especially the Musée Théodore Monod (for African art) and the Institut Français Léopold Sédar Senghor (for African art of French influence). 

PM: In the evening, explore The Goree Island, part of the UNESCO World Heritage Centre and just 3 km outside of Dakar, accessible by boat. It has a long colonial history as an infamous slave trading post and is filled with attractions such as ‘the maison des esclaves’ (slave’s house), and le Castel, a towering castle – like structure complete with World War II gun turrets.

(Sleep in Dakar)

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AM:  Travel east to the beautiful region of M’Bour. Visit The Bandia Nature Reserve, a small but perfectly formed game reserve, situated 40 miles from Dakar near Saly and M’bour. With one of the Reserve’s 4WD vehicles and local guides, discover some typical African savannah animals.

PM: Have your first game against a local Senegal basketball team in Thies and enjoy a friendly local meal together afterwards.

(Sleep in Thies)

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AM: : Continue north to Saint-Louis, explore the city with a walking tour. Spend your time hiking around the area or shopping at the gift shops close by. 

PM:: In the afternoon, visit some schools and academies in Saint Louis, meet some kids and the local people. Late in the afternoon, relax at some of the most beautiful beaches in Saint Louis

(Sleep in Saint-Louis) 



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