Baseball in Puerto Rico

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Due to Puerto Rico's close proximity to the U.S., baseball tournaments and friendly games are easier to coordinate than overseas competitions. Although the island has many home teams eager to compete against new squads, it is possible to invite multiple baseball teams from the U.S. to play tournaments in Puerto Rico and involve local teams in the tournaments as well. U.S. citizens do not need a passport to travel to the island, Puerto Rico has English as ones of their official languages, and they are part of the U.S. commonwealth, which makes it one of the best, convenient travel destinations.

Every winter (from November through January), baseball heats up on the island of Puerto Rico. Not only are there local players on the teams but some of the US league players come down to keep in shape and play in their off-season.

This is a fantastic opportunity for college teams D2-D1 to play stellar competition in the off season in a beautiful island paradise.

The winter baseball season starts at the end of October. This season, there will be 5 teams from around the island playing in the league.

The teams in the league this year are:


Each team is supposed to play 40 games throughout the season. The last games should be December 30th, 2014, unless weather extends the season. Then the Playoffs and then the Round Robin Series will run until the end of January 2015. Then the Caribe Series starts. If your team can not make it to the Winter League you are in luck because the Double A Baseball league starts mid-February. The league offers a lower level of competition but is still suited for off season workouts and the same life time experience 


Local Competition:


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Visit San Juan


AM: Today we will visit Old San Juan’s historic district; the most historic, culturally rich experience of any destination in the Caribbean! 

PM: We will also visit the Castillo de San Felipe del Morro, a fort protecting San Juan that was built in 1540.  Finally, we will explore the Caparra Archeological Site that was founded by the one and only Ponce de Leon!



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Explore the Rain Forest

AM:  Our full-day adventure includes 5 exhilarating zip lines across stunning canyons, rivers, and through the trees.  We will also rappel into an amazing 80 foot long waterfall as well as river hiking along the beautiful river.

PM: At the end, we will enjoy a homemade Puerto Rican meal in a typical countryside setting. 



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Beach Day 


AM / PM: Today we have the opportunity to venture off of the main island of Puerto Rico by boat to the beautiful island of Culebra (45 minutes).  Culebra is home to Flamenco Beach, named the 3rd most beautiful beach in the world!  We will have plenty of time to enjoy the world class beaches, optional snorkeling, etc.