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Establishing its first national team in 1990, Germany has since grown throughout the country with over 40 club teams and tough competition at the youth and professional levels. The men's and women's national teams are recognized as one of the 26 nations in the ELF (European Lacrosse Federation). In 2001, the German Men's National Lacrosse Team defeated the favorite England in the European Lacrosse Championships to win gold. This marked the first time in the history of the European Lacrosse Championships that England has lost, winning gold in 8 of the 9 championships since 1995.

Despite only the small amount of success at the national level, the interest at the youth level continues to grow throughout the country but the amount of coaches and referees have been struggling to reach the demand. On a ProActive Lacrosse tour, you and your team could have the opportunity to not only compete against tough competition, but also contribute to the development of the sport internationally through hosting lacrosse camps or clinics.

A ProActive Lacrosse tour through Germany gives you and your team a cultural experience that will last a lifetime. With club teams scattered all throughout the country, our tours include top tourist sites and attractions such as the Imperial Castle of Nuremburg, the Dachau Concentration Camp, the historical region of Bavaria, and a visit to the famous Sportschule Oberhaching.

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Nuremberg Exploration


AM: Begin the morning with a guided walking tour of the Imperial Castle of Nuremberg, one of Germany's beautiful, historic castles. Travel south to Munich for a guided tour of the BMW Factory.

PM: Check into the Sportschule Oberhaching (Bavarian Olympic Sports Center) and have an evening lacrosse practice.

(Sleep in Munich)

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Fully-Guided Bike Tour


AM: Enjoy breakfast at the hotel and a light morning practice before starting the day's events.

PM: Lunch and Bike Tour of Munich (11:00 - 4:00). During the tour, you'll visit a number of Munich's most famous sites including the English Garden, the Asamkirche, the Bayerische Staatsoper Opera House, Marienplatz, the Theatinerkirche, the Neues Rathaus, the Weihenstephan brewery, and many more off the beaten path gems of the city.

(Sleep in Munich)

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Investigate German History


AM: In the morning, play Game 1 against local German team at their home field.

PM: In the afternoon, visit the Dachau Concentration Camp, an eye-opening and educational experience that is vital to understanding Germany's past and present. Enjoy some free time in the evening for shopping in Munich.

(Sleep in Munich)


Gustav's Corner: German Expertise

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