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With producing arguably one of the greatest all-time Power Forwards in the NBA basketball history and top 10 all-time NBA point scorer Dirk Nowitzki, it is safe to say that Germany has made a huge contribution to the game of basketball. To this point, Nowitzki is considered the greatest European basketball player ever without much debate. In a period where foreign players were once labeled as "soft" or "unable to lead a NBA team," Nowitzki spent the majority of his career shattering those stereotypes.

There have not been many other notable German players at Nowitzki's caliber, but to be fair, there have not been many players of his caliber to surface throughout the world, including in the USA. Despite the lack of German players in the NBA, the Basketball Bundesliga (BBL) is the top German Professional Basketball League and is considered one of the toughest basketball leagues in all of Europe. 

The BBL, two other professional leagues, Pro A and Pro B, as well as two amateur leagues, Regionalliga 1 and Regionalliga 2, round up the six major basketball leagues throughout Germany.  With over 200 teams throughout the country making up these leagues and teams ranging from any level of talent, a trip to Germany could pair solid competition with great cultural experiences including visits to popular regions like Bavaria, Munich, and Berlin.

Bavaria: Munich, Nurnberg, and the German Alps:

Bavaria is world renowned for its cuisine, biergartens, traditional culture, Volkswagen, and its capital city, Munich. From here, it's only a short distance to exciting destinations like Nurnberg, the German Alps, and Salzburg, Austria! In Munich and Nurnberg, you will visit WWII sites like Dachau's concentration camp, the Nazi rally grounds and museum, and the medieval castles and fortifications.

Due to its fine geographic location in Germany's "sunny south", Bavaria can be easily combined with Switzerland, Austria, or Italy for multi-country tours.

Notable German Players:

  • Dirk Nowitzki: Dallas Mavericks. NBA Champion and Finals MVP (2011), NBA MVP (2007), 12x NBA Allstar, 5x All-European Player of the Year, Ranked 10th on NBA All-Time Scoring List
  • Chris Kaman: Los Angeles Lakers. NBA Allstar (2010)
  • Detlef Schrempf: Seattle Supersonics. 3x NBA Allstar (1993,95,97)
  • Shawn Bradley: Dallas Mavericks. NBA Block Leader (1997)


Local Competition:


Snapshot Itinerary

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Nuremberg Exploration


AM: Begin the morning with a guided walking tour of the Imperial Castle of Nuremberg, one of Germany's beautiful, historic castles. Travel south to Munich for a guided tour of the BMW Factory.

PM: Check into the Sportschule Oberhaching (Bavarian Olympic Sports Center) and have an evening basketball practice.

(Sleep in Munich)

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Fully-Guided Bike Tour


AM: Enjoy breakfast at the hotel and a light morning practice before starting the day's events.

PM: Lunch and Bike Tour of Munich (11:00 - 4:00). During the tour, you'll visit a number of Munich's most famous sites including the English Garden, the Asamkirche, the Bayerische Staatsoper Opera House, Marienplatz, the Theatinerkirche, the Neues Rathaus, the Weihenstephan brewery, and many more off the beaten path gems of the city.

(Sleep in Munich)

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Investigate German History


AM: In the morning, play Game 1 against local German team on their home court.

PM: In the afternoon, visit the Dachau Concentration Camp, an eye-opening and educational experience that is vital to understanding Germany's past and present. Enjoy some free time in the evening for shopping in Munich.

(Sleep in Munich)


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