Baseball in Dominican Republic 

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In recent years, Major League Baseball has made an effort to play a greater role in the development of baseball in Latin America. MLB has focused on creating scenarios for MLB Clubs and scouts to view and evaluate amateur talent from the Dominican Republic and other Latin American countries. The Dominican Republic has become a hot spot for MLB talent over the past few decades, making it a prime location to play in, providing excellent competition as well as potential scouting opportunities,

The Dominican Republic Professional Baseball League is a winter professional baseball league consisting of six teams spread across the Dominican Republic; it is the highest level of professional baseball league in the Dominican Republic. The league's players include many prospects that go on to play in Major League Baseball in the United States while also signing many current MLB veterans. The champion of LIDOM advances to play in the yearly Caribbean Series. The Dominican Summer League is a branch of affiliated minor league baseball which is played in the Dominican Republic. The league was founded in 1985. The 2015 72-game season starts May 30 and ending August 22 with the playoffs starting on August 24.[1] The league consists of thirty-eight teams in five divisions. Each team is affiliated with a different major league franchise with eight organizations fielding two teams: the Astros, Mariners, Mets, Orioles, Rangers, Reds, Red Sox and Yankees. Six teams make the playoffs, the winners of each division plus the best runner-up. The two division champions with the best winning percentages receive byes to the semifinals.


A trip to the Dominican Republic includes the opportunity to play in this league for the week as well as cultural and adventure activities. 


Local Competition:


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Sea Excursion


AM:Snorkel the crystal-clear lagoon surrounding Paradise Island while on vacation in the Dominican Republic! Visit this natural sandbar by speedboat and explore the coral reef amid turquoise waters of the Caribbean.  

 PM: Return to your hotel in Puerto Plata, for a beach front island bbq!




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Jungle Safari 


Safari cruise through the remote parts if the island, and learn about the plant and wildlife you see along the way. Rumble aboard your vehicle through the backcountry and enjoy a fair amount of walking as well.




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AM: Enjoy a day on the beach to relax or explore your own interests.

PM: Play your first game against a local team. Have a team dinner with both teams after the games.