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Lacrosse is one of the most popular and well respected sports in the Czech Republic. The country takes great pride in its national team and its many club teams in both men's and women's field lacrosse and box lacrosse. The Czech Lacrosse Union, the governing body of lacrosse in the Czech Republic, regulates all lacrosse related activities.

One of the most highly respected and sought after tournaments in Europe next to the European Lacrosse Championships in the Prague Cup. Originating in 1998, the Prague Cup has been a tournament hosting teams at the national, club, and university level in a highly competitive style. Located in the country's capital of Prague, the Prague Cup is constantly looking for new competition from all over the world and has hosted teams all the way from Australia and Japan.

Whether you enter the Prague Cup or not, a ProActive Lacrosse tour in the Czech Republic will take your team throughout some of the most popular and beautiful sites the country has to offer. These include but are not limited to the Prague Castle, Prague Old Town, Synagogue, Cesky Krumlov, and all throughout the famous city of Prague. If you are interested in matching up against tough competition while experiencing and learning about a new culture, then a ProActive Lacrosse tour in the Czech Republic is your best bet!

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Walking Tour of Historic Prague


AM: Begin the morning with a guided walking tour of Prague's Old Town Square. Walk along the cobblestone streets and see the old, unique architecture Prague is famous for including the Astrological Clock in the heart of the square.

PM: Continue the walking tour of Prague up to the Jewish Cemetery,  walk across the Charles Bridge to the Prague Castle and into its Cathedral. Head through the gardens just outside of the castle to visit the Victims of Communism Memorial and cross back over the Most Legií bridge to see a famous old theater. (Here there is a possibility to add a paddle boating activity.)

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Explore Prague


AM: In the morning, tour the classic Vyšehrad Castle and enjoy some free time on the streets of Prague before getting ready for an early afternoon game.

PM: First game against local Czech lacrosse team. After the game, visit Vítkov Hill, an off the beaten path site that reveals a beautiful, wholesome view of Prague to see the city bathed in a warm sunset. Beer gardens surround the monument for those of age who want to top of the local experience.

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Hiking the Czech Countryside


AM: Journey to the outskirts of Prague to visit the Karlštejn Castle and the surrounding countryside area. Depending on the groups interest, we will hike for most of the day towards the Velká Amerika, an abandoned quarry with a swimming area and fun hiking environment. 

PM: Stop at a small village for lunch and change into your swimsuits to relax in the beautifully blue water of the quarry later. Return to the hotel for much needed rest and some free time in Prague.  

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