Hockey in the Czech Republic

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Ice hockey competition really grew in the Czech Republic in 1993 when the Czech Extraliga (Extraliga ledního hokeje, ELH), their highest level ice hockey league, was formed. Many players from this Czech league are transferred into the North American NHL yearly. The country has five major ice hockey rinks including the Tesla arenaHorácký Zimní StadionZimní Stadion Třebíč, and the Zimní Stadion Valašské Meziříčí. Hockey is quite popular in the Czech Republic, and the competition is fierce.

Playing against Czech hockey teams will certainly challenge the team and give them a new cultural experience. With many youth hockey tournaments and hockey camps, the Czech Republic has may different levels and ways to compete to make it easy for your team to find the best, comparable international competition. Having friendly games against local teams is a valuable, cross-cultural experience that your team can share together.

Second to the hockey competition, the Czech Republic is a beautiful, historic country with interesting sites to discover. Discover the Bohemian lifestyle while walking through Old Town Square and along the cobblestone streets around the city. With an intricate history, all of the Czech Republic's castles and old infrastructures have remained in tact throughout the two World Wars and the communist regime. Each of their castles has unique and defining characteristics that tell the tale of the country's history with grace. Prague's Castle, Vyšehrad Castle, and the Karlštejn Castle are close to Prague and are magnificent to visit and explore their cultural significance. In Prague alone, expect to see the Astronomical Clock, Victims of Communism Memorial, new and old theaters, buildings dating back to the 9th century, the Jewish Cemetery, Charles Bridge and many more. 

Outside of Prague, the Czech Republic has many cities like Carlsbad and Brno are rich with the history and culture of the country. As a close relative to Germany and Polanda tour of the Czech Republic can easily be combined with these countries. Accompany these outstanding sites with the culture of the Czech Republic and our expert travel guide, who lived in Prague for two years, to create a unique experience of Europe. 


Notable Czech Players in the NHL:

  • Jaromír Jágr: Currently playing for the New Jersey Devils, he is a Czech professional ice hockey right winger. Former Team- Boston Bruins
  • Patrik Eliáš: Currently playing for the New Jersey Devils, he helped take the team to the Stanley Cup in 2000. Former Team- HC Rabat Kladno
  • Radek Dvořák: Currently playing for the Carolina Hurricanes, he was drafted into the NHL in 1995. Former Team- Florida Panthers
  • David Krejčí: Currently playing as an alternate captain for the Boston Bruins, Krejčí helped them win the Stanley Cup in 2011. Former Team- HC Kladno
  • Jakub Voráček: Currently playing for the Philedelphia Flyers, Voráček has also played in the professional Czech and Canadian Hockey Leagues. Former Team- Halifax Mooseheads



Snapshot Itinerary

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Walking Tour of Historic Prague


AM: Begin the morning with a guided walking tour of Prague's Old Town Square. Walk along the cobblestone streets and see the old, unique architecture Prague is famous for including the Astrological Clock in the heart of the square.

PM: Continue the walking tour of Prague up to the Jewish Cemetery,  walk across the Charles Bridge to the Prague Castle and into its Cathedral. Head through the gardens just outside of the castle to visit the Victims of Communism Memorial and cross back over the Most Legií bridge to see a famous old theater. (Here there is a possibility to add a paddle boating activity.)

(Sleep in Prague)

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Explore Prague


AM: In the morning, tour the classic Vyšehrad Castle and enjoy some free time on the streets of Prague before getting ready for an early afternoon game.

PM: First game against local Czech hockey team. After the game, visit Vítkov Hill, an off the beaten path site that reveals a beautiful, wholesome view of Prague to see the city bathed in a warm sunset. Beer gardens surround the monument for those of age who want to top of the local experience.

(Sleep in Prague)

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Hiking the Czech Countryside


AM: Journey to the outskirts of Prague to visit the Karlštejn Castle and the surrounding countryside area. Depending on the groups interest, we will hike for most of the day towards the Velká Amerika, an abandoned quarry with a swimming area and fun hiking environment. 

PM: Stop at a small village for lunch and change into your swimsuits to relax in the beautifully blue water of the quarry later. Return to the hotel for much needed rest and some free time in Prague.  

(Sleep in Prague)


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